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Starting 1,240' hole

Slow  Motion


Side Slicing Wall to Start Mining


   Mining  Thru 4"- 6" Binder of Rock in Middle of 37" Coal Seam


          Short Overview of Mining Sequence

About Us


     We are Commonwealth Mining LLC. Premier Contractors that have taken the lead on Safety, Reserve Recovery with the Highest Production levels while maintaining Premium Coal Qualities. Commonwealth Mining LLC is a Highwall Mining Services Co. that has Operated Highwall Miners in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama and Virginia. We have provided consulting for Highwall Mining Operations in Australia and India as well as currently providing consulting services to Highwall Mining Companies throughout the United States.


  Commonwealth Mining LLC has put together an unrivaled Management Team, with a second to none Workforce, Proven to be the Best in the Highwall Mining Industry. 

Stuart Cox- President with over 30 yrs. Mining and Management experience in Maintenance, Underground and Highwall Mining Systems. Stuart has been instrumental in several innovations now being utilized by CAT HW300 Highwall Miners.

Steven Cox- VP of Operations with over 25 yrs. Mining and Management experience in Surface and Highwall Mining.

Michael Cox- General Manager with over 15 yrs Mining and Management experience in Surface and Highwall Mining.

Gary Smith- VP of Administration with over 30 yrs. experience in  Financial, Admin., H.R., Payroll, Purchasing and Permitting. 


     With the High Cost of Surface Mining. The addition of including a HWM can drastically reduce Cost and Increase Profits.    Together We along with a Highly Skilled Team of Miners. Have Mined 5,500 tons in a 12 hr. shift, Mined 2,480 ft. in 12 hrs. as well as set  a Production record of 190,000 raw tons in a month. We've run hundred's of thousands of direct ship thermal tons. Our #73 HWM has proven to reach depths over 1,200 ft. consistently. Commonwealth Mining LLC has been sucessful at mining coal seams as low as 26". Through our own R&D it has allowed us to achieve and prove these outstanding accomplishments.   

    If you are seeking for a Low Cost High Production Mining Operation contact Us.


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STEVE COX VP of OPER. (276) 870-1600 steve@highwallminers.com